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Modern day cars are mostly painted in either a 2K System (paint with a hardener) or a Basecoat Clear Coat System (a colour is applied and then a clear is put on top)

All paints are applied by spray and as such correct safety equipment is a must.  This is especially true of all two pack paints where an airfed respirator should be used.  If in doubt ring us and we can recommend a professional to do the job for you.

Etch Priming 2K Priming Single Pack Priming
Used when there is bare metal - provides a 'key' for the primer or top coat to adhere to.  Offers a high build and a good sandable surface.  There is no shrinkage or sinkback with a 2K primer and this is what we would recommend for your pride and joy. Easy to use - no hardeners. 
Spies 4085 - Excellant single pack etch (needs a primer such as 5310 as well)

Epoxy Primer - Offers etch and priming all in one.  This is a two pack product.  Can be used for wet on wet procedures.

Acid Etch - The best that there is.  This is a two pack (4075/4076).  Requires a primer such as 5310. 
Spies 5310 - Primer/ Filller - Top quality primer

Good Value primers:
Mipa Primer
Roberlo Primer
Spies Primer Filler

2K Colour Basecoat Enamel
2K colour is mainly used for solid colours (ie not metallic).  All 2K paints require a hardener.  These products should be applied by a professional as they do contain isocynates. Basecoat is used for a  metallic or pearl effect.  Basecoat does need a clear to be put over it. This can be either a single pack or 2 pack clear. Older technology.  A very cheap option.  Colours are limited, especially silvers and there are no pearls.  A good choice for machinery, trailers etc.
Spies Hecker Hi-Solids
Metalux Medium-Solids
Spies Hecker
Metalux Base
Quick Dry Enamel

2K Hi Solids Clear 2K MS Clear Single Pack Clear
This is a premium clear, with low VOC, giving a real depth to the finished job This is a good quality clear with options for a very fast finish This is a simple easy to use product.  It does not have the same depth that the 2K clears have
Spies Hecker
Lechler Clear
Spies Hecker 8045
Turbo Clear
1K Clear
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