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I am Painting Inside Furniture

Clear Coating
I am Spraying
Mirotone PU 5545 / 5555 Gloss Levels
2 Pack Polyurethane- has hardener. Needs professional application
Mirotone Acid Cat 3622 / 3606 Gloss Levels
Acid Catalysed - has hardener.  Needs professional application
Mirotone SP 3241 / 3220 Gloss Levels
Single Pack solvent based lacquer

I am Brushing
Porters Paints Clear Coat Matt Finish Water based single pack with excellant UV resistance
Paint Plus Aquaglaze Matt or Gloss Water based single pack
Mirotone 1420 Tung Oil Gloss depends on number of coats.  Gets glosser the more coats applied. Solvent based modified oil. Dries hard
Porters Paints Waxes Low sheen 3 colours

Pigmented / Coloured

I am Spraying
Mirotone 5626/ 5650 30% 100% 2 Pack Polyurethane.  Needs hardener.  Should be professionally applied.
Mirotone 3720 / 3750 30% 100% Acid Catalysed.  Needs hardener.  Should be professionally applied.
Mirotone 3125 / 3150 30% 100% Single pack

I am Brushing
Paint Plus (easy sand) Armourguard 10% 30% 50% 100% Water based enamel
Porters Paints Enamels Egg shell. Ultra Matt. Low Sheen Water based enamel - fantastic colours
Porters Paints Chalk Emulsion Flat Water based.  No priming required.  Minimal preparation.  Best waxed over

I am Staining
Mirotone 2001   Strong bold colours.  Solvent based
Mirotone 2616   Wiping stain
Porters Paints Wood Wash   Water based wiping stain
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