178mm-200mm Pads

7inch 5/8 3M 5718 Perfect-it Hook BackPad

Product Code: M5718

5/8 thread Velco backup pad

$136.66 (GST Excl.)

178mm Velocity Velcro Backing Pad

Product Code: V0804
$17.63 (GST Excl.)

200mm 3M 5719 Wool Compound Single Sided

Product Code: M5719

For sand scratches & other paint surface defects

$36.40 (GST Excl.)

200mm 3M 5737 # 1 Foam Compound Pad

Product Code: M5737

For sanding scratches & compound swirls

$37.10 (GST Excl.)

200mm 3M 5738 #2 Polishing Single Sided

Product Code: M5738

For compound swirls & minor defects

$39.63 (GST Excl.)

200mm 3M 5733 # 3 Ultra Fine Foam Polish

Product Code: M5733

Eliminates swirl marks and holograms

$32.50 (GST Excl.)

3M 33279 203mm Low Linting D/Sided Wool Pad

Product Code: M33279

Aggressively removes P1200 or finer sand scratches

$67.22 (GST Excl.)

200mm 3M 5703 M14 Thread Wool Compound Double Sided

Product Code: M5703

Highest performing wool compounding pad

$66.27 (GST Excl.)

14mm 3M 33271 Quick Connect Adaptor

Product Code: M33271

Easy to connect or disconnect double-sided buffing pads

$56.37 (GST Excl.)

3M 5753 Quick Release Perfect-it Double Sided 100% Wool 203m

Product Code: M5753

Refines P1200 and finer sand scratches and other paint surfa

$69.89 (GST Excl.)

3M 5706 Double Sided Foam Quick Change Compound Pad 203mm

Product Code: M5706

For abrasive sand scratches & other paint surface defects

$56.35 (GST Excl.)

3M 5707 Double Sided Foam Polish Pad Quick Release 203mm

Product Code: M5707

For compound swirls & minor defects

$55.68 (GST Excl.)