Sundry Automotive Products

3kg GPI Bodyworx Matting Paste

Product Code: BWMP

Bodyworkx is timesaving for paint adhesion

$45.88 (GST Excl.)

700g 3M 6013 Scuff-it Gel

Product Code: M6013

Scuff-it is a one-step scuffing agent to improves adhesion

$32.36 (GST Excl.)

531g Proform Sprayable Paint Stripper

Product Code: PFPS
$34.30 (GST Excl.)

3.78L Proform Paint Stripper

Product Code: PFPS4

A high strength paint stripper for all metal & wood surfaces

$85.00 (GST Excl.)

1Qt SEM Vinyl Prep 38344

Product Code: SE38344

For preparation of vinyl to paint

$44.22 (GST Excl.)

Aero SEM Plastic and Leather Prep 38353

Product Code: SE38353

removes mold release agents, fingerprints, grease, wax ect

$28.60 (GST Excl.)

1Qt SEM Plastic and Leather Prep 38354

Product Code: SE38354

Removes mold release agents, fingerprints, grease, wax ect.

$24.20 (GST Excl.)

15oz SEM Soap 39362

Product Code: SE39362

SEM SOAP is a mild abrasive cleaner

$22.00 (GST Excl.)

1L Septone Quick Scuff Matting Paste

Product Code: SEPQS1
$35.00 (GST Excl.)

SH Plastic Pourer Spouts 1L-5L Tins

Product Code: SHPPS

Handy plastic pourer for spies hecker 1lt tins

$9.09 (GST Excl.)


Tergo Brush-On is an aggressive, heavy duty paint stripper.

$32.23 (GST Excl.)