Wall Sanding

Full Circle Dustless Sanding System Kit

Product Code: FCD

Dust-free drywall corner and detail sanding

$402.21 (GST Excl.)

120G Aero Sanding Discs 10pk

Product Code: WAERO120

Fast performance with no slipping, tearing or clogging

$26.35 (GST Excl.)

Radius 360 Interface Pad Foam Std

Product Code: RIP

Extends the life of the sander

$40.95 (GST Excl.)

Plastic Pole Sander Head

Product Code: PPSH
$21.25 (GST Excl.)

Radius 360 Round Pole Sander

Product Code: RPS
$92.05 (GST Excl.)

Wooster Dust Eater

Product Code: WDE

Tackles quick cleanup after sanding on walls, ceilings etc

$83.49 (GST Excl.)

220g Triangular Sanding Sheet B5

Product Code: TSS220

Long lasting with no-clog design

$14.06 (GST Excl.)

Trigon 180 Triangle Pole Sander

Product Code: TTPS

Great non-flip detail sander

$99.94 (GST Excl.)