10L Epotread SL250 aggregate Filler Water Based Epoxy Screed

  • Product Code: REPOSL
  • Price: $192.94 (GST Excl.)

A water based epoxy floor screed for eroded floors in industries such as beverage, wineries, and milk room and vat room floors in dairy sheds where concrete has eroded from use of chemicals and abrasion. Self smoothing non-toxic epoxy containing a special blend of graded aggregate which enhances slip resistance. Lactose and acid erosion of concrete floors in milk vat rooms, dairy shed floors, milking pits, cow sheds, wineries and beverage bottling lines is simply eradicated by applying a screed of Epotread SL250 which adheres incredibly well to clean concrete, even where concrete is slightly damp. For an easy clean surface on cow shed walls, we also offer the Epotread 1000 waterbased epoxy which gives a very tough chemical resistant finish. Epotread SL250 is designed to fill worn, eroded, frost, rain or acid damaged floor slabs providing a tough chemical resistant floor surface which has the option of being grindable prior to application of Epotread 1000 epoxy floor coating. Features: - Water based - Easy to spread - Non toxic when cured - Levels uneven surfaces - Apply at 0.5-15mm thick - Can be applied in multiple layers - Extremely durable chemical resistant floor surface