100mm - 125mm Pads

125mm Lyndar Backing Plaste with M14 Thread

Product Code: L50BP

Soft Foam Velcro Backing Pad

$18.88 (GST Excl.)

100mm 3M 30040 WOOL Compounding Pad 2pk

Product Code: M30040

Refines P1200 or finer sanding scratches with low lint

$47.01 (GST Excl.)

100mm 3M 30041 WHITE Foam Compounding Pad 2pk

Product Code: M30041

For removing P1200 or finer sand scratches

$18.05 (GST Excl.)

100mm 3M 30042 BLACK Foam Polishing Pad 2pk

Product Code: M30042

For surface polishing after compounding

$18.05 (GST Excl.)

125mm Velocity Sanding & Polishing Kit

Product Code: V4044

Sanding & Polish Kit all in one to suit drills

$22.00 (GST Excl.)