Adhesive Sealants

Soudal Manhole Sealant Tape 16mm x 3.8m roll

Product Code: 20079

Butyl rubber sealing tape

$40.00 (GST Excl.)

290ml Bostik Seal N Bond Crystal H505 - Cartridge

Product Code: 30625160

General Purpose Hybrid Sealsand and Adhesive

$18.32 (GST Excl.)

600ml Bostik Seal N Flex FC BLACK Sausage

Product Code: 30800512

Fast cure polyurethane adhesive / sealant

$21.20 (GST Excl.)

300ml Stik N Seal Adhesive - Cartridge

Product Code: 30804167

Multi purpose adhesive / sealant

$17.08 (GST Excl.)

450g Bostik 5612 Mastic Sealer White

Product Code: 30804526
$10.07 (GST Excl.)

520g Bostik 5615 Mastic Sealer Black

Product Code: 30804610
$10.02 (GST Excl.)

870g FireBan One Fire Rated Grey Sausage

Product Code: 30840730

Fire rated up to 4 hours

$30.68 (GST Excl.)

300ml Sika Crystal Clear MS

Product Code: 442764

Transparent adhesive & sealant

$25.02 (GST Excl.)

300ml Sikaflex MS High Performance Joint Seal - White - Cart

Product Code: 446247

High performance multi-purpose modified silicone sealant

$23.55 (GST Excl.)

600ml Soudaseal Firestop MS Sealant (Box of 12 Only)

Product Code: 56219

Fire-resistant, smoke-tight, neutral cure, adhesive sealant

$32.69 (GST Excl.)