House of Kolor Products

473ml HOK AX02 Kosmic Kicker Accelerator

Product Code: AX02
$75.00 (GST Excl.)

240mls HOK KUF21 Klear Katalyst

Product Code: HOKKUF21

To work specifically in conjunction with the FC21 Urethane

$61.45 (GST Excl.)

1L HOK SC21 Flat Clear

Product Code: HOKSC21
$99.29 (GST Excl.)

946ml HOK KD3001 Kustom DTS Foundation Surfacer Black / SE

Product Code: KD3001.Q01
$106.50 (GST Excl.)

946ml HOK KD3002 Kustom DTS Foundation Surfacer / SE

Product Code: KD3002.Q01
$80.00 (GST Excl.)

HOK KDA3000 Series DTS Hardener 250mls

Product Code: KDA3000.HP1
$32.55 (GST Excl.)

HOK KD3000 Series DTS Hardener 946ml

Product Code: KDA3000.Q01
$122.63 (GST Excl.)

238ml HOK Kosmic Krome Mirror Reflective Effect

Product Code: MC00
$180.00 (GST Excl.)

238ml HOK Kosmic Krome Aluminium Effect

Product Code: MC01
$160.00 (GST Excl.)

710ml HOK S2-03 Shimrin2 FX Karrier Base Galaxy Gray

Product Code: S203
$120.00 (GST Excl.)

HOK S2-04 Shmrin2 FX Karrier Base Stratto Blue 946ml

Product Code: S2-04.Q01
$117.23 (GST Excl.)

HOK S2-25 Shmrin2 Solid Basecoat Jet Black 946ml

Product Code: S2-25.Q01
$134.62 (GST Excl.)