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The Quantum product range has a focus on environmentally sustainable, environmentally responsible bio-based timber conditioners and finishes.

Low VOC - Green Building Council of Australia compliance

Quantum is proud to be helping to improve the environmental efficiencies in buildings while improving the health and well-being of our community. Green Star compliant products are increasingly being specified by architects in commercial and home builds.

Penetrating Oil not a Surface Coating

Unlike other timber coating manufacturers, Quantum products are designed to be a penetrating oil. This means the coating does not sit on the surface of the timber leaving the inner section of the timber exposed to the elements. Instead the products work by deeply penetrating into the timber to protect and beautify the timber substrate by binding the wood fibres together, this forms a protective barrier from moisture which prevents peeling, cracking, warping or splintering.

Easy Clean Up

All Quantum products are water wash up.