PaintPlus was founded in 1997 with a vision to make environmentally responsible paints with uncompromised performance. 

Environmental Choice – Founding principles of Paint Plus is of uncompromising commitment to the environmental ethics. If it’s not eco friendly, we don’t make it. Simple as that.

Low Odour
All PaintPlus paints are water-based, with practically no odour and low volatile organic compounds levels.

Easy to Use
PaintPlus is easy to use, with no ill effects.

Best Quality
PaintPlus paints give you a beautiful, hard-wearing finish. Surfaces painted in PaintPlus resist marking. They look good for years.

Great Value
PaintPlus is attractively priced, goes a long way, and it lasts – saving you money and time.

Carbon Neutral
CarboNZero® – The entire process of manufacturing and distributing PaintPlus is certified carbon neutral – a world first for a paint manufacturer.