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6ml Gorilla Epoxy 4 Minute Cure - Syringe

Fast setting, non shrinking, clear colour epoxy adhesive

$8.55 (GST Excl.)
12kg Kit Sikadur-41 CF Normal

3-component thixotropic epoxy patching mortar

$197.61 (GST Excl.)
56g Loctite 3805 Epoxy Weld

Two-part system for rigid high strength bond

$17.24 (GST Excl.)
500ml Ados 121 Repair Anything

Epoxy with integrated glass fibres for easy use

$50.88 (GST Excl.)
7.92L Sikadur-42 - Kit

Pourable Grout - Epoxy Based

$342.15 (GST Excl.)
6kg Sikadur -31 CF Normal Kit  2.1

2-component thixotropic epoxy adhesive

$207.43 (GST Excl.)
3L Sikadur-32 Normal - Kit

2-component structural epoxy bonding agent

$236.25 (GST Excl.)
1L Ados Builders Glue Pack

All-purpose glue that is 100% waterproof

$81.83 (GST Excl.)
114g Tube CRC Minute Mend #14070

Epoxy Putty For Quick And Easy Permanent Repair

$32.60 (GST Excl.)

Ready to use marine formulation, gap filling adhesive

$33.94 (GST Excl.)
1.57kg International Epiglue 2 pack epoxy

High performance marine/general purpose epoxy resin adhesive

$207.45 (GST Excl.)